Gunderson's Winterport Group


Group Details:

Host: Verna Gunderson
Day(s): Saturday
Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Where: The Gunderson Home (Winterport)

All ages, children welcome (no childcare).

Group Notes:

Tracey Mitchell: Downside Up Transform Rejection into Your Golden Opportunity

Books supplied for the first 6 families or individuals who register as we discuss Tracy Mitchell's book: Downside UP Transform Rejection into Your Golden Opportunity. "Nobody wants to experience rejection, loss, or betrayal. But according to Mitchell, these universal setbacks can become assets if you embrace them with boldness, wisdom, and confidence! Learn to develop a positive and God-designed self-portrait; identify your life's purpose; prioritize discipleship and godly relationships; overcome negative thoughts; and thrive despite life's ups and downs! at the conclusion of each chapter are four sections: Chapter Principles, Words of Wisdom, Power Quote, and Plan of Action. Use the information in these sections to help you transform your rejection into your golden opportunity!" Coffee and Tea also supplied.

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