Monday Devotional

I had the privilege, yesterday,  to attend a Ministers Conference where Pastor Jim Cymbala,  of The Brooklyn Gospel Tabernacle,  was speaking.  He shared some wonderful thoughts and insights with us,  and I’d like to pass on to you three of those.  

1.  Be Real

     God doesn’t anoint Actors.  When you act,  you grieve the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was Real.  He was Natural.  He didn’t put on his Preacher Act. 

     The world is looking for a Voice,  not an Echo.  Be real. Speak from your heart.

I’m not a Pentecostal, because the word is not in the Bible. I’m not a Baptist or a Methodist, or anything else.  I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. 

2.  Pentecost.

      It was a Jewish Feast.  (50 Days after Passover)

      When the Holy Spirit came that day and tongues of fire sat on the individual heads of those who were gathered,  it was Supernatural.  Something came from heaven that day.

     “Please Lord,  send something from Heaven.”

     We can have something from heaven… OR… we can have church, in all of it’s forms, Baptist,  Pentecostal,  Methodist, you name it.   We need something from heaven.

     When someone has to Advertise their Great Annointing,  they are NOT anointed…RUN AWAY!

3.  When the Devil attacks.

     Francis Asbury was one of the leaders of the Early Methodist Movement in this country (1745-1816).  In 1784 John Wesley called on Asbury to establish the Methodist Church in America.  Under his leadership the Methodist Church grew from 1,200 people to 214,000 members and 700 ordained preachers.  

     Listen to his words of wisdom:

     “When the devil attacks in a thousand ways and trouble is on every hand… You’re never

       happier than when you’re doing the Work of the Lord.”  

May God help us to be Real. May He send something to us from Heaven. And may we rejoice when the devil finds us worthy to attack.

Bless you,

Pastor Brian