Monday Devotional

     By nature we’re selfish.  Imagine a new-born baby thinking:  “I’m hungry,  but I’m not going to cry until 8:00 in the morning so Mom can catch up on her sleep.”  

     How about the two-year old who just loves to share his toys with his friends… Instead,  what does he say?  “Mine!”

     John D. Rockerfeller was the wealthiest man in the world in the early 1900’s (Standard Oil Company)… the first US Billionaire. One time he was asked by a reporter: “Mr. Rockerfeller,  you are the richest man in the world,  how much money do you think is enough?”  His answer: “Just a little bit more.”  

      Here’s what the Apostle Paul said:  “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  (1 Tim. 6:10)

     In the book of Luke we see Jesus teaching a Parable.  (vs. 13-21)  From this teaching we see Four False Assumptions that Fools make.

1.  They Assume that they are ENTITLED TO THEIR FAIR SHARE.  (vs. 13-14)

      Right in the middle of Jesus’ teaching of Eternal truths,  he is interrupted by a man who is

      thinking only of himself.  He says:  “Teacher,  tell my brother to divide the inheritance with

      me.” There are some families who show up for a funeral just to make sure that they get

      their fair share of the inheritance.  

2.  Fools Assume that Success in Life is Measured by Possessions.

     Have you seen the bumper sticker that says:  “He who has the most toys when he dies wins.”

     We love possessions;  the proof of that is in the amount of DEBT that we are carrying.

     Jesus said:  “Beware! Guard against all kinds of Greed.” (vs. 15)  -  Fools measure success by

     Possessions; The Wise measure success by Obedience to God.

3.  Fools Assume that their wealth is for Themselves.

     In verses 16-20 Jesus taught about the Rich Fool who decided to Build Bigger Barns and sit 

     back and take it easy.  “Eat,  Drink and be Merry!”  (His 401K was fully funded!)

     Our goal in life should not be to get rich so that we can spend it on ourselves.  No matter 

     how much we have,  we should live to bless others.

     -   In marriages,  the biggest problem we have is selfishness:  “You meet my needs first,  and 

     then I’ll meet yours.” 

     -  When you serve others,  there’s no guarantee that they will appreciate it.  Look at Jesus: 

     They killed Him! 

4.  Fools Assume that Wealth is more Important than a Rich Relationship with God.

     (vs. 21) – Jesus said that our end will be like the Rich Fool, if we have his attitude.

We should be like the church that we see in the book of Acts.  In Acts 2:42-47we read that they shared everything.  God Blessed them and added to their number daily those who were being saved. 

Remember this:  The Happy People in life… are the Generous People.