Monday Devotional

Morning Prayer - The Past

What is your first memory as a child? Is it good or bad? Mine is when I was around 2

or 3. My family was living in Oklahoma at the time and we went to Chuckie Cheese.

The only thing I remember is that I was sitting there eating my pizza and the purple

character (was he a gorilla??) came and stole my pizza! I was traumatized!!

I love reminiscing. So many fond and fun memories. The good ol’ days. There is a

danger in this, though. I face it many times. I find myself facing it now even. And that

danger is that if I’m not careful I begin to live my life looking in the wrong direction. I

can begin to live my life looking for what was and not what is. We see the Psalmist

do this in Psalms 42:4 when he says, ‘My heart is breaking as I remember how it

used to be…’

Do you find God calling you on to something right now that you are either delaying,

avoiding, or all together disobeying His leading because you don’t want things to

change? Maybe it is because of fear - unsure of what will happen if you move to

where God is calling you. Perhaps it’s not fear - maybe it is regret. Past regret is

completely paralyzing you from following where God is calling you now. For me it is

comfort. I like my routines. I like my schedule. And as God is calling me out I find

myself looking back to the good ol’ days thinking and longing for things to not

change. Longing for things to stay like they are. 

But as we continue to read in Psalm 42:5 we see him pose some interesting

questions. ‘Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad?’ Anytime we live with

our eyes focused on what was - whether it was good or bad - 3 things happen. 1:

We become discouraged. 2: We end up in the dumps, just plain ol’ sad. But most

importantly - 3: We ultimately lose sight of God and what He IS doing now (read

Mark 2:18-22 in light of this i

So maybe you’re asking, ‘What is the cure for this living life in reverse, discouraged

and depressed?’ I’m so glad you asked! Let’s continue to read Psalm 42:5, ‘I will put

my hope in God! I will praise Him again - my Savior and my God!’ Shift our focus

back to the source of our hope and comfort by praising Him! Sing songs of his

unchanging faithfulness and glory! Acknowledge that he alone is the source of hope

and salvation. God is leading - fix your eyes on Him again. What is He doing now?

Where is He leading now?

I pray we have faith to trust our Father and courage to follow Him wherever He may

lead today.


Bangor Campus Pastor

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