Monday Devotional

Straight Talk about Small Groups

What do you think about Small Groups... Are they important?  Why?

Right now we have about 415 people in 30 groups.  That is 13.8 people per group (kids included).

     Do you think 13.8 is a pretty full group?  (The correct answer is YES  :)

We currently have about 1200 people attending our services.  That is about three times the number of people we currently have in Small Groups.  

    Do you think we can just ask those groups to triple in size?  Why not?  It's not possible.  (Most homes can't handle 20 people,  let alone 40 people,  right?)

    What's the answer then?    If we agree that Small Groups are good and necessary for individual Spiritual Growth and for a Healthy church,  then we must have more Small Groups... Right?  

     How then are we going to get more Small Groups?

     There's only one way...  WE MUST HAVE MORE SMALL GROUP LEADERS.

I have two suggestions:

1)  I would like to challenge you to BE PRAYING for God to add to our number of Small Group      


2)  I would ask you to consider starting your own small group and then recruiting people to fill it

Right now,  Six of our Thirty Small Groups are doing a study called 'GOING DEEPER.'  These are notes that I prepare and email out to leaders every Monday.  The notes take us into the sermon we've heard Pastor Kirk preach that week.  These notes make it fairly simple for a NewSmall Group Leader to have good and meaningful discussions around God's Word. 

 .... Here's a sample of "Going Deeper"  from last week's sermon... 

            Kirk's Sermon:  "3 Ways to Live Out Our Faith in a Pagan Culture"

?  Why do you think  Kirk is using that word,  "Pagan?"  (Wait...let people answer)

?  What does Pagan mean,  as Kirk used it?  (Unconverted...One who does not believe in the 

            God of the Bible.)

?  Do you agree that our culture is going in a Pagan direction?  In what ways?

    Let's look at the Three Ways to live out our Faith in a Pagan Culture(according to Peter). 

To begin,  let's read 1 Peter 2: 1-3.

?  What's the key word in vs 2?   (

     the Word of God))

?  Have you ever,  or do you now ever crave something?  (Kirk's examples of Lisa while pregnant

?  What kinds of things do people crave,  in this world?  (money, power, lust... etc)

?  What does Peter encourage us to Crave?  (pure spiritual milk)?  What is the Pure Spiritual 

      Milk he's talking about?  (God's Word)?  Do you think we crave the word as we should?

     (Kirk says that we feed our bodies 3 squares a day, but often are guilty of giving our Spirits    

      only a Spiritual Snack  on Sunday -  Geritol)

Kirk reminded us of 7 Spiritual Blessingsfrom Christ. Let's look at the Blessings...take time to ponder them and discuss their meaning...

1.  Union with Christ.  vs. 4..."As you come to Him...(5) are being built into a Spiritual House

2.  Access to Christ.  Again vs. 4... "As you come to Him"  Who was the only one to enter God's    

       Presence in the Old Testament?  The Priest,  in the Tabernacle and then later,  in the  

       temple.  He considers us a holy priesthood  (vs. 5)

3.  Security in Christ.  God accepts us...vs 5 - "acceptable to God"

4.  Affection for Christ & Him for us -  vs. 4 - "precious to Him"  Love is the most powerful

       of human emotions.

5.  Election by Christ  - vs. 9 - "you are chosen" -  what a privilege!

6.  Dominion with Christ - 1 Cor. 6:3 - "we will judge angels"

7.  Separation to Christ - vs. 9 - we are to be A Holy Nation, a Royal Priesthood

?  What is Our Responsibility?  vs. 12 - (Live such good lives...)

Why should we submit to authorities?  (vs. 13-15)

What do you think he means when he says:  (vs. 16) "Live as free men,  but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God." 

- - - - -

There you have it. Could you lead a study like that? I'm guessing that you could.  Are you willing?  That's up to you...

May God bless us as we continue to try to make disciples through our Small Groups.